Nuova Direttiva Pacchetti Turistici approvata il 27 ottobre e pubblicata l'11 dicembre 2015

La Nuova Direttiva Pacchetti di Viaggio è stata approvata il 27 ottobre 2015 ed è stata pubblicata il giorno 11 dicembre 2015.


dal sito del Parlamento Europeo


Parliament's final vote on Council's position on Travel Package Directive


In its plenary session the Parliament approved Council's position at first reading, after IMCO Committee  adopted by 29 votes in favour and 2 against the recommendation for second reading, proposing to approve the Council position at first reading without amendments.

Package travel rules will cover two types of contract: package deals (pre-arranged by the tour organiser or customised by the traveller) and a new way of travel booking, called linked travel arrangements, where consumers are guided, for example, once they have booked a flight, to book additional travel services through a targeted online link.

Parliament ensured that these "click-through" deals where the traveller's name, payment details and e-mail address are transferred between traders and a second contract is concluded within 24 hours after the first service was booked, will be considered as a package deal.

Before holidaymakers enter into any contractual commitments, organisers and retailers must make it clear that they are buying a package and inform them of their rights and who is responsible if something goes wrong, says the text.

Parliament added the obligation for the organiser to give travellers approximate departure and return times and an indication of the nature of any possible extra costs.

It also secured the right for travellers to cancel a package-deal contract and get their money back if the price of the package rises by more than 8% (the Commission had proposed 10%) or if "unavoidable" events such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks strike the place of destination.

Following publication in the EU's Official Journal in late autumn 2015, Member States will have two years to implement the new rules and traders a further period of 6 months to adapt to the new rules.

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